Make your fishing rod the outrigger!

Make your fishing rod the outrigger!

The Reelax Multi Mount Rod Rigger are used to spread baits or lures out of the propeller wash by extending the length of the rod, thus allowing these to be more easily seen, ultimately maximising your catch rate.

These have been used for years and are ideal for those chasing pelagics species such as Mackerel and Wahoo, without the hassle of fitting a complete outrigger setup. They are also quite versatile and have been very popular in recent years for those bottom bashing where minimal drag resistance is required, as they allow your rod to lay flatter to the waterline.

These suit both angled and straight rod holders, and fit all common rod holders up to a 38mm internal diameter. They feature a 6 pin adjustment from vertical to flat in 15 degree locking intervals using a handy quick release pin. They suit fishing rods up to a maximum diameter of 47mm, have a 260mm depth to pin, and feature a flared end with rubber insert to protect your rods when putting in and out of the rigger.

Made in Australia and constructed from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel and Mirror Polished, they are definitely a must have addition to your arsenal!

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