The most sucessful game fishing boats use Reelax Outrigger Poles!

The most sucessful game fishing boats use Reelax Outrigger Poles!

The most successful game fishing boats use Reelax Outrigger Poles!
Outrigger poles allow you to have more fishing lines in the water, and help keep the lines apart to prevent them from getting tangled up. Conventional setups normally only allow a maximum of 2 to 3 lines in the water at a time, while using outriggers allow an additional 2 or more, which gives you a better chance of catching that fish of the lifetime. These are available in both fibreglass and carbon fibre to suit your style of fishing.

Reelax have been supplying high quality outrigger poles and bases for over 40 years, originally these were all fibreglass poles, though after extensive research we are proud to bring you the latest in carbon fibre outrigger poles to the range – the all-new Reelax Grander Series. Each model in this series has undertaken rigorous testing to ensure durability and longevity. This new model provides extra strength and stiffness compared to the older style carbon fibre and the conventional fibreglass outrigger poles. They have an impeccable finish with a 3K carbon fibre twill with gloss exterior that looks amazing. They have exceeded our expectations and are sure to be the market leading and most sort after outrigger pole on the market today!

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